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Aircon Services

Aircon Services

Singapore is a country whose weather issues are known all over the world. Pretty damn hot and unbearable to beat the heat. In such a scenario, the best possible option to get some relief from this heat is probably an Aircon. Aircons can be your best friends in times of unbearable heat and if you look closely, almost every place is equipped with an aircon, considering the bad climate in Singapore.

But just having an aircon is not the solution to your problem. Aircons too like any other electrical equipment needs care and timely maintenance. Issues like foul smell from your aircon or even some form of leakage indicate that your aircon needs immediate repair service by experienced professionals. In such situations, affordable services are your most reliable and safe aircon repair and servicing options in Singapore. With us, you don’t have to be concerned about paying even a single extra penny for the service because we only charge you a value that’s worth our service. Listed below are some of the most common problems your Aircon will exhibit.

The aircon is not cooling the room properly.

Even after your Aircon is set to a temperature of 24 degrees, what if your room still remains warm and your Aircon is unable to cool the room? Isn’t it obvious that there is definitely something wrong with the aircon? Well, yes. There are three most important reasons for this. First, the air filters of the aircon are clogged. In order to fix that, they have to be cleaned properly so that the air flows freely without any obstructions. Second, due to dirty condenser coils and debris remaining on the airocon’s condenser, it will be unable to clean them. Therefore, you need to get those coils cleaned by an expert as soon as possible. And lastly, the compressor which is the most important part of an Aircon itself could be defective. Only with the help of a professional can you fix these issues in your Aircon.

Aircon leakage

The drain pipe could be blocked if there is an overflow of water from the aircon. Also known as the condensate line, it transports the water from the air conditioning system’s overflow pan to the drainage point of the air conditioning system. When the condensate line is clogged, the water in the reservoir will rise, and ultimately it will leak into the room. The primary reason for the clog is the formation of mildew, dirt, or tiny insects. To get rid pf all this, you would definitely need us to provide you with expert aircon repair services.

Aircon making noises

There are times when you would be hearing some really weird and abnormal noises from the aircon. This happens because of a broken or a damaged fan in the aircon and also because the aircon is short of refrigerant or gas. Only certified and skilled professionals can help you out in such situations.

Foul smell from your Aircon

The waterlogging in the air conditioning system causes mould to form in the drainage region, and this results in the system releasing foul aromas.