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Carpentry Service

Carpentry Service

Keeping in touch with a carpenter who you can depend on to maintain and repair all kinds of furniture and wooden goods in your home or business is a blessing. In this industry, you can locate two distinct groups of professionals: those that offer licenced and specialised carpenters and those who provide handyman services and also offer licenced and specialist carpenters. People frequently hire a carpenter for carpentry jobs and are generally surprised to discover that the total price they pay is greater than the value of the work.

Whether you are updating your home or your workplace, we provide you with all the carpentry services. With our team of experts and all of our expertise, we can manage the entire remodelling process to help you design and rebuild your space the way you want. Our in-house carpentry workshop process assures our customers that we have all the instruments needed to give quality service.

In Singapore, professional carpenters who provide quality service at a lower price are readily available. Therefore, you should attempt to minimise excessive spending by asking for an experienced carpenter’s assistance in Singapore. Always choose to hire a professional carpenter. Minor repairs may be done by yourself, but when it comes to installing new doors, windows, or shelves, always choose to utilise a professional carpenter.

Hiring a carpenter might be intimidating for even experienced people, who would not think of it as something that could be accomplished so simply. You must understand that all qualified specialists should be licenced and permitted to undertake carpentry work in Singapore. It is crucial to keep this truth in mind: by employing a beginner or unlicensed carpenter, you can find yourself in the same situation you’re trying to avoid. There is no way for him to be held responsible for paying for any damages if something goes wrong while the repair or installation work is in progress.


What do we offer?

Here is a list of services that we provide:

Door Replacement/ Repair

If you are remodelling or refurbishing your HDB flat or any other property in Singapore, you must replace outdated doors. When it comes to choosing the doors, we will be able to provide you with the quality and style, which will give you safety and an aesthetic perk. Additionally, we undertake door repair services. Thus, if the old door is out of order or the hinges are in disrepair, you may work with our carpenters whenever you’d like and get the door fixed in no time.

Handle Installation

Wouldn’t it be amazing to have robust and elegant handles for everything, including the door, cupboards, and windows? If the old handles happen to be worn out, you do not need to worry about it because our carpenters can fix or replace them in a few minutes.


You must repair the faulty hinges on your previous carpenter’s work. Doing so will guarantee the durability of the hinges and the weight-bearing capacity of the door or window. We are the market leaders in high-quality hinges. These have lasted for years and will serve you well.

Varnishing Furniture and furniture repairs

If you have old furniture in your home that you want to renovate, contact the most trusted and reputable handyman Singapore, A1 Handyman Singapore, who can give you expert assistance to get your old furniture up to snuff. We’ll have our handyman carpenter do all the furniture repairs, followed by the varnishing process, which gives your furniture a new look.

Shelves Installation

Shelves are utilised for both the storage of objects and improving the overall interior look of the property. We are here to help you purchase and install both sturdy and beautiful shelves in your apartment so that you may secure additional room for storing your belongings.

In addition to our other carpentry services, we offer picture frame installation, bathroom accessories installation, and curtain rod installation in Singapore.