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Drilling Service

Drilling Service

Learning something new everyday and taking initiatives is an important part of life. Yet, there are some situations where we cannot take risks and one of them is drilling. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get your work done. Work smarter than working harder and book an appointment with us right away!


About drills

A drill’s job is to dig through any material like bricks, drywall, metals, wood, plastic, etc. It is also used as fasteners. The anatomy of a basic drill machine consists of drill head, pulley/gears, chuck, drill jigs, motor, feed mechanism, worktable, arm, base, drill head and column/pillar. The shape of the dig is usually a round circle although it is subjected to differ based on the type of drill head being used. The diameter can vary in sizes depending upon the size of the drill head.

Different types of drills possess different levels of power. This power is generated through a cord connected to a source of electricity. There are also many models available which do not have any cords in them, rather they use batteries to use the drilling machine. They also have various modes controlled by buttons in some of the drill machines.


Types of drills

Choosing a drilling service when there are so many options available can be difficult. One factor that can help in selecting is how much knowledge a drilling service has about the various kinds of drill. And whether or not they’re providing all  these types of drills for your projects. But first you need to have some basic information about it as well. Here is all you need to know:-

  • Normal Drills: These drills can be called as traditional drills since they’re the most basic and oldest drill available in the market. Any basic project like drilling holes, driving fasteners in walls or wood, etc can be done by a traditional drill.
  • Hammer Drill: If you need to do some extremely heavy-duty work then hammer drills should be your choice. Hammer drills are so powerful that they can drill everything, from tiles to concrete really fast and easily. Don’t try to use a hammer drill for normal projects like drilling holes in a wall because it has more power than needed for a task like this and might end up destroying the surface.
  • Impact Drills: These drills can be seen as the middleman in the tier of power. It is more powerful than traditional drills but less powerful than hammer drills. Being more strong than a traditional drill, it can be used for more heavy work like building furniture, fences, decks, etc.


Once you brief us about the job, we examine the needs of your project and choose the perfect equipment for it. We make sure our customers never have to compromise while getting their projects done. Hence, we keep every type of equipment ready at hand. We also offer quick and speedy service while being thorough with the task. Contact us for your projects and experience our reliable customer service firsthand!