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Electrician Services

In both residential and commercial buildings, having a fully working and up-to-date electrical system is necessary. You can be sure that if something goes wrong with your electrical system, it will cause damage to not just your property but even your life. Even little errors with things as simple as switches can do significant damage to your property.

Affordable Services Pte Ltd is the most well-known electrician brand in Singapore. With years of expertise in the area, we have a thorough understanding of the work we do and never offer our clients the opportunity to complain or express their dissatisfaction with our services.

We offer a wide range of electrical installation services, including the following:

Fan Installation and Repair

Fans are an important requirement in our houses and any other area, and they are impossible to install on your own. You will almost certainly require our assistance, and we are always ready to assist you. In case anything goes wrong with your fan, call us for quick and easy repair services.

Lightning Protection System (LPS) Installation

It is critical to have a lighting protection system installed in your home so that you are protected in the event of a lightning strike.

Rewiring of the House

The quality and functionalities of the house’s wires and cables deteriorate over time. We visit to your home and evaluate the wiring, then, if necessary, replace the complete wire system, protecting all of your other electronic equipment from damage caused by defective wiring.

Placement of Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans are ubiquitous and indispensable in every home. We will be delighted to put them in for you.

Installation of Lighting

Because you don’t want your lights to fall or be damaged, lighting installation must be perfect. We ensure that once your lights are installed by us, they will stay put and will not be removed.

Power outlet/ Power point Installation

Otherwise, how will your electrical equipment work? Power socket installation is required everywhere else.

Switch Installation and Repair

Switches may appear insignificant, but their significance is enormous. Regardless of the type of switch you choose, we can install it for you. There are times when your switches may not work properly. Feel free to call us for the repair of these switches. We will be there in no time.

Distribution Box Installation

These are extremely significant since they serve as a conduit for distributing power throughout the entire house. Regardless of whether you choose a vertical or horizontal distribution box, we will instal it for you.

Our electrical services are the greatest in the industry because we have a team of professionals who regularly guide, coach, and supervise all of the electricians who work for us, making our team stronger and better.

If you need an electrician near me, give us a call for the best services at the greatest electrician price. After all, in job that entails the greatest amount of danger and perfection, quality is more important than anything else.

In addition, we provide repair and electrical maintenance services, such as:

Repairing your fan

A fan, or any other device for that matter, can break down at any time, causing us to become agitated. You may rely on us to repair your fan while also relieving your anxiety in these situations!

In the event of a power outage or a power outage, the following steps should be taken.

Faulty wire connections cause power tripping and power outages, which are common difficulties. We examine your connections and, if necessary, fix them.

Repair, replacement, and maintenance of light bulbs

Maintenance is required for light bulbs, just as it is for all other devices. We provide maintenance services for all types of light bulbs, including incandescent, compact fluorescent, and light-emitting diodes.