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Partition and Ceiling Repair Service

Partition and Ceiling Repair

Noticing some damage in your ceiling or wall partitions? Don’t trigger your worrying process and choose the productive solution of contacting us to get rid of any of your ceiling and wall partition problems!


About partition and ceilings

We know that there are innumerable types of properties like buildings, mansions, standalone houses, etc. No matter what type of property it is, ceilings and wall partitions are an extremely important part of it. A house can look very attractive with various types of designs available in the market but in reality the ceiling and partition build determine the quality of a property. A damaged ceiling and partition is a very anxiety inducing issue since the consequences of ignoring repair to these elements can be very dangerous and harmful.

To understand the causes of damage in your ceilings and partition, it is a must to have some information about their different types. Knowing the build and structural process of the ceilings and partition can help determine the problem and cause with ease.

Few types of ceilings:-

  • Suspended ceiling: A ceiling placement on a foundation secured ceiling is the best way to describe a suspended ceiling. The second ceiling placement is made up of metal grids. This type of ceiling allows electrical and plumbing concealing structure.
  • Panned ceiling: Panned ceilings have a pattern which starts at a particular height and then the next layers have dropped heights. The goal is to provide a 3D effect to the ceiling with each level.
  • Vaulted ceiling: This is a very common type of ceiling which can be recognised by observing the ‘V’ formation in the ceiling.
  • Conventional ceiling: This is the most basic and standard ceiling. With no additional features, this ceiling is a plain surface made of drywall and plaster.

Few types of wall partition:

  • Glass partition: This is a very common type of partition used to give a classy look in houses, stores, offices, etc. Glass tiles along with PVC or metals like aluminum are used to make the wall and frame of a glass partition.
  • Storage partition: These partitions have an added benefit since they have drawers or cupboards like spaces to store things.
  • Panel partition: Panel partitions are available in various designs and materials like wooden panels or laser cut panels, etc.
  • Concrete partition: This is the normal wall partition found in every property without any added elements to it.

Why contact us?

Ceiling and partitions damage is common but ignoring their repair needs can have dire consequences. With all these varieties in ceilings and partitions available, finding a reliable repairer can be an exhausting task for you. You don’t have to search anymore! We are a team of experts who have specialised in repairing all types of ceilings and partitions. Along with this we also take pride in availing the best offers for our customers which keeps things pocket friendly. Premium quality products are used for repairs which makes this durable and worth your money. Book an appointment with us and gain these benefits!