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Our Services

Affordable Services Pvt Ltd is known all over Singapore for the variety of services that it provides and that too, at a reasonable and affordable price. We are known to provide value to the money of our customers because we understand how difficult it is to earn money. Here is a list of our services that we provide at Affordable Services Pvt Ltd.


Handyman services

Our skilled handyman will perform a variety of repair roles like repairing a drywall, general maintenance services, minor electrical and plumbing services, assembling furniture and pretty much everything that you ask him to do.


Aircon services

Aircons too like any other electrical equipment need care and timely maintenance. Issues like foul smell from your aircon or even some form of leakage indicates that your aircon needs immediate repair service by experienced professionals. In such situations we are your most reliable and safe aircon repair and servicing options in Singapore. With us, you don’t have to be concerned about paying even a single extra penny for the service because we only charge you a value that’s worth our service.


Plumbing Services

We are Singapore’s leading plumbing service providers for any plumbing-related difficulties or installations. Our team of experts is qualified to manage any type of plumbing problem or emergency, no matter how big or small; we are well-equipped to manage any size job.


Electrical Services

In both residential and commercial buildings, having a fully working and up-to-date electrical system is a necessary. You can be sure that if something goes wrong with your electrical system, it will cause damage to not just your property but even your life. Even little errors with things as simple as switches can do significant damage to your property. We are the most well-known electrician brand in Singapore. With years of expertise in the area, we have a thorough understanding of the work we do and never offer our clients the opportunity to complain or express their dissatisfaction with our services.


Painting services

We are available and more than eager to paint your areas, whether you live in an independent property or in a HDB. Our team of experienced painters will arrive at your home with all of the equipment necessary to give your walls the look they deserve. In simple terms, we will assist you in selecting the appropriate colours for your areas and then carrying out the rest of the approach.


Carpentry services

Whether you are updating your home or your workplace, we provide you with all the carpentry services. With our team of experts and all of our expertise, we can manage the entire remodelling process to help you design and rebuild your space the way you want. Our in-house carpentry workshop process assures our customers that we have all the instruments needed to give quality service.


Drilling Services

Learning something new everyday and taking initiatives is an important part of life. Yet, there are some situations where we cannot take risks and one of them is drilling. But that doesn’t mean that you won’t get your work done. Work smarter than working harder and book an appointment with us right away!


Mounting services

Buying something new like tv or furniture for your house is the ultimate source of happiness. But never underestimate the hard work and proper techniques of installing these things. Why go through that yourself and take a risk when you can just contact us?


Dismantle and Disposal services

Whether it be relocation, renovation, removal, or disposal, no project should be undertaken without assistance. The reason why our team is able to help you with your deconstruction requirements is because of it. It allows you to remove all of the furniture from your home or business, as well as guaranteeing high-quality dismantling, disposal, and touch-up work.


Furniture repair services

Certain furniture repairs can sometimes be done at home, but most of the time, you will need a professional provider to assist you with any repairs that your furniture may require.bWe recognise how hectic people’s lives are these days, which is why we offer comprehensive carpentry services to all of our Singapore friends. Our carpenters are experienced and knowledgeable about a wide range of furniture. You will never be dissatisfied with your purchase.


Door repair services

Your door basically consists of locks, hinges, and knobs, all of which will inevitably develop problems over time. They may cause wear and tear, necessitating the assistance of a professional. There are a variety of reasons why you might want professional door repair. This is where we can help. With incredibly skilled workers, we are the finest ranked door repair service providers in Singapore.


Window repair services

We are your one-stop destination for any problem relating to Window Repairs, regardless of what has damaged or created an issue with your window, whether it is with locks, handles, or hinges. We realise how if your windows aren’t working properly, it can make your life a lot more stressful, and it can also compromise the security of your home.


Rubbish Chute Replacement services

A house requires a lot of care and hence maintaining cleanliness and hygiene becomes a difficult task. A malfunctioning rubbish chute can make this task even more difficult. But why go through this problem yourself when the professionals are just a call away?


Partition and Ceiling Repair services

Noticing some damage in your ceiling or wall partitions? Don’t trigger your worrying process and choose the productive solution of contacting us to get rid of any of your ceiling and wall partition problems!


Appliance repair services

With our Appliance Repair Service, you may do repairs from the comfort of your own home. We provide installations, repairs, and a full range of appliance services to Singapore’s home and business owners. So, you may ask us a question regarding what kinds of appliances we repair? Well, you name anything, and we can get it fixed.


Fridge repair services

We have been providing fridge repair services in Singapore for quite some time, and we assure our consumers that we have the best service in Singapore. We have a crew of highly skilled and experienced technicians who are knowledgeable about how refrigerators work and can fix them when they break down.


Washing machine Repair services

Washing machines have become an indispensible component of our daily lives. It is simply difficult to manage washing clothing without a washing machine in today’s world. And what happens when the washing machine stops working? You can’t wash your clothes and that is another stress. Therefore, call us as soon as your washing machine begins to show signs of problems. We will be there to fix any kind of repair that your washing machine may need.


Moving services

Buying a new house or moving to a new city is a big milestone in our lives which gives us so much happiness. Don’t let your new start be ruined by anything, especially the moving day. To make your moving absolutely perfect, contact us!